Mike Ditka

 “Da-coach – Mike Ditka”
When signing the original painting Coach Ditka said this image was taken during a game on November 24, 1963, the Sunday following President Kennedy’s assassination.  After some debate the NFL decided to go ahead with the game against the Steelers at Forbes Field.  With all that was going on and the late decision to play the game, few people were in attendance. It was in this game Coach says he made the greatest catch of his career… in a near empty stadium.  Final score: 17-17.

24 x 32 giclee print on paper.
$100.00 ($25 Packaging & Shipping within the U.S.)

What Is A Giclee Print?
Giclee printing is currently the highest quality standard for printing single or limited edition prints. The term “giclee” (pronounced “ZHEE-CLAY”) is a French word meaning “to spray.” Giclee prints are created by spraying millions of droplets of ink onto archival fine-art substrates. The word “giclee,” as a fine-art term, has come to be associated with prints using fade-resistant archival pigmented inks printed on archival substrates by professional inkjet printers. Giclee prints represent the highest evolution in printmaking technology. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy and richer depth of color than other means of art reproduction possible.

About the “Paper” we use: 100% Cotton Fourdrinier Acid Free Paper
This silky smooth surface structure has been designed to ensure we maintain the natural characteristics of a smooth high-white art paper whilst maintaining the necessary natural aesthetics demanded by artists. The surface has a special matte coating, designed for high quality fine art & photographic reproduction and print applications with inkjet (giclee) technology. It is a high white ultra smooth surface archival quality paper with excellent color gamut.

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