Born and raised in Ronan, Montana, Dan Stromme’s art career began in a local church when his restless nature began to take over and his mother told him to be quite draw.  With no formal training his main focus were simple pencil drawings.  This served him well as he learned extensive shading skills which serves him well to this day.

Eventually, the pencil drawings evolved into watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings.  His varied interests are reflected in his art.  Western themes, flora, wildlife, entertainment and sports related subjects dominate the majority of his subject matter.  Painting athletes on jerseys, helmets and other items are also his specialty.

Extensive travel in the United States, international travel and  subsequent exposure to well known artists and their art in a variety of galleries have had a strong impact on Dan’s own work. 

Among the charities Dan has worked with include The Vince Lombardi Foundation, The Boomer Esiason Foundation, The Troy Aikman Foundation, The Ray Lewis Foundation, The Salvation Army and Scoreboard Charities.  He also worked with, and received a Hallmark Award from, Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities.